About Us

Our Approach to Embodiment

Everything that has ever happened to us, has happened through our bodies. It is how we engage in the world, how we take action, and how we connect to one another. We acknowledge that trauma and oppression shape our beings often in ways that limit our choice, our power, and our ability to connect.

Embodiment reveals our bodies as central to change and transformation. It awakens our felt sense of choice and deepens our connection to ourselves, each other, and the world around us. To strengthen our bonds, we have to engage trauma healing and resilience building in our physiology and through practice.

To live out these bold visions for interdependence, for the abolition of harmful systems, we have to develop embodied and emotional capacities that reinforce these visions and make them possible.

How we show up to it, how well we coordinate with each other, and navigate breakdowns determine how possible our vision is for the future. The Embodiment Institute and The Black Embodiment Initiative are committed to supporting the work that will lead us to change from the inside out.


Relationship is central to everything we do

How we care for ourselves and others, how we practice accountability, our relationships are how we measure change together.

We Encourage A Learning Approach and Living Curiosity

We believe that there are always things to learn about ourselves, each other, and the world.

We Practice Courage and Take Risks

We do and say things that are hard when necessary, take risks grounded in wisdom, and hold a commitment to letting ourselves become who we are.

Theory Of Change

Our work uses embodiment as the standard of change, which means it is not enough for us to envision new ways of being, but we need support to practice, to feel and to stay the course of transformation. To that end, we offer tools and principles through which people can build and practice liberatory culture within their bodies, organizations, and networks.

Healing justice frameworks have opened up a conversation on the politicized nature of healing, reaching many that would not have otherwise found their place in change work and creating new conversations and practice inside of movement spaces.

We believe that the combination of activated and politically engaged practitioners, alignment around liberatory principles of culture building, and the development of clearly articulated emotional competencies, will support a more thriving and inviting ecosystem supportive of movement.


Our work exists in an ever growing lineage of remembering, learning and exploration. It is deeply influenced and informed by the work of generative somatics from 2010-2019, by humanistic and feminist psychotherapeutic models and by Buddhist practice and philosophy. Foundationally, though, this work is in communication with each of our indigenous histories, and is most interested in awakening our bodies to our web of relationships through culture. We are especially held by Black and Native teachings in the Southern United States and all that they have to teach us about where we are and what can be recovered.

Groundwork Team Members

Courtney Sebring

Program Coordinator

devon de Leña

Program Coordinator

Justin Shepherd

Operations Director

Kasha Ho

Chief Operating Officer

Kayla Jones

Administrative Assistant

Prentis Hemphill

Chief Executive Officer